Increase practice revenue with waiting room TV

Showcase all that your practice has to offer whilst entertaining clients and reducing perceived waiting times

Vision4Vets provides a personalised TV channel for your clients to watch while visiting and waiting for an appointment. Our recommended content mix is proven to engage clients and keep them watching. This ensures they are well informed about products and services that you offer.

The programme is silent and the typical cycle is approximately 15 minutes – it can, however, be tailored to suit your practice. Our team update it remotely on a daily basis, ensuring the content is always current, fresh and engaging. You and your staff don’t have to do anything other than choose which products, services and promotions you’d like to feature.

More enquiries, more revenue, more profit

As clients typically arrive before their appointment this is the perfect opportunity to communicate with them about all the products and services that they might not realise you offer. You have their undivided attention at a time when they are in a particularly receptive frame of mind.

Practices that subscribe to the Vision4Vets TV channel report an increase in treatment bookings and product enquiries – it does a great promotional job, leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on providing excellent care.

See how it works

Book your remote demonstration and register for free trial of the Online membership, simply order online or call 0203 879 0000

So easy to use and set up

All you need is a TV with a HDMI connection and internet access (wired or Wi-Fi) – we do the rest.

We provide a small set top box that you just plug in and play, as well as access to your own personalised cloud-based app. You pick the products, services and pet care information you want to feature from our extensive video library. We then intersperse these with current news, sport and entertainment to make your channel entertaining and engaging (these feeds are optional but recommended).

Changing your content is easy with the cloud-based app. You just log in then select or remove the videos and promotions as you wish. You can then personalise these videos and add relevant promotions or offers. It's quick and simple, with no technical knowledge required. However, our team are happy to answer questions or offer support if you require.