How It Works

A Quick Preview

A Unique and Proven Programme

The recommended length of programme is 15 minutes and comprises of a mix of silent content. This has been proven to both capture and hold clients attention whilst maximising plan, clinic and product uptakes.

We automatically and regularly update the entertainment, news & education. This ensures the channel remains current and fresh without any of the workload.

You simply choose and personalise which clinics and education you want to feature on your TV channel. You can add practice information, clinic specialists and promotions.

Follow up the enquiries with the personalised videos and leaflets by email. Don’t worry it is really easy to do!

We Provide:

  • A micro set top box, delivered plug & play ready
  • Remote cloud based access to control your TV channel
  • An extensive & evolving video library of treatments & education
  • A simple to use tool to email personalised videos/leaflets
  • A can do attitude for all our members

All you need to provide:

  • A TV with a HDMI connection
  • A Power socket
  • Internet access – wired or Wi-Fi
  • A desire to grow your business & educate your clients